Chanakya Mandal Pariwar has designed a very special package in form of the Preparatory Course. Awareness of career in the competitive examinations is increasing and more and more number of students want to start preparing well in advance. Youngsters have started preparing for their decided competitive exam at an early stage. Parents are also increasingly aware and eager to see their sons and daughters shaping up for competitive examinations at an early stage of their life, which exactly is suggested by us. Preparatory Course is the answer.
A student who has not yet completed 21 years of age, or is not yet in the last year of graduation, or one who has not decided about his / her next attempt, but one who has appeared for HSC examination should presently take admission to the Preparatory Course.
A student who is presently 21 years old and is a graduate (or is appearing for the last year of graduation) can take admission to our direct courses for the respective competitive examination. Of course he should have made a firm decision to appear immediately for the competitive exam to be held in the same year with full devotion and hard work. Only then should he/she take admission to the respective course.
Foundation Course for CSAT
We suggest that before going in for the Preparatory th Course, i.e. generally in your academic 11 standard or FY a student should have done our Foundation Course. The Foundation Course makes the student capable of knowing oneself and taking one’s own decisions. In this course of building foundation of life, all the subcomponents of CSAT were already included. Still the course has now been made more exam oriented. Also it prepares students for the GS IV paper named Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude, the newly introduced paper in UPSC Mains, according to the changes in 2013. A student also learns Study Skills in that course. Many students who enter the field of competitive exams without learning these things are seen confused by trifle matters. Many even need help to fill up a simple examination form. Then they want their questions to be solved by others. Questions, right from ‘how I should decide my priorities,’ ‘how to plan the study timetable’, ‘how to improve memorizing skills’, ‘how I should manage many things at a time’… and right upto ‘which optional subject I should choose’… The students who have completed our Foundation Course are seen distinctly different in all such respects. Hence, we suggest that you do the Foundation Course previously. Of course it is not compulsory to do the Foundation Course to get admission to the Preparatory Course.
Generally we suggest the following sequence
One should do the Foundation Course after 10 . Then in the next year one may do our Preparatory Course and then the year in which you are to appear for the competitive exam, you may do the regular course directly for the respective competitive exam.
Various competitive examinations have a similar design : Prelims (test of your information – objective, multiple choice type questions), Mains (test of your knowledge – essay type questions for UPSC) and Personality Test (i.e. the Interview, test of your wisdom). They also have a mandatory component of General Studies : which includes Current Affairs, History, Geography, Economy, Polity and ScienceTechnology. Our Preparatory Course is thus designed to help students prepare for any competitive examination like UPSC, MPSC, PSI/STI/Asst., Banking, NDA-CDSE or even corporate sector recruitments. Thus, this course helps to develop a personality for career through competitive exams and helps to enhance grasping power of any subject. Hence, this course may rightly be called an Advance Foundation Course.