Palvi Youth Festival

The summer course, i.e. the third term in May brings with it a 4 day residential festival in tents. The planning, preparation and organisation required to be done for it is expected to be done by students themselves. This is an annual youth festival filled with tremendous enthusiasm. This festival is organised in the third summer session of the course among truly captivating non-stop events like theatre games, story-telling, lectures, knowing how towering personalities became towering personalities and lots more about their life, music, painting, artwork, origami, dance… and many more of such enthusiastic activities. This is the ‘practical’ of all skills learnt during the whole year. Students are divided into teams and various competitions are organised among them. Each one has to participate here . Group singing, group dance, one-act play presentations, storytelling, debate, poetry, parody, jokes, mimicry, quiz on current events, Antakshari, fun fair and enacting by mime are few of the variety of competitions organised. Excellent food facilities are provided. The young minds start budding and sprouting once they experience the free – flowing breeze and stay in tune with nature. Many a times, premonsoon rains also mark these days by their presence and add bright colours to the picture described above. These days there are many flashy and showy superficial youth festivals which are actually nothing but chaotic situations. But this festival which is of an exactly opposite nature, filled with a very pure enthusiasm is liked by people having good tastes.
Studying the problems of the country
Finally, this must be made absolutely clear – why personality development and all these things? For a successful life. Of course for a happy, joyous and rich life. But along with that, one has to study the society around us, the country, the world and the environment. The educational system must inspire the students to make them capable of and willing to try and solve the problems of the country in the field of their choice. The Foundation Course plans to do that. We want to make the future administrators getting in service through UPSC and MPSC to be activist officers.
Personality development and the problems of the country
Chanakya Mandal Pariwar will endeavour to transform into reality this disciplined, institutionalised, educational design through the Foundation Course. The design is easy to convey and understand (and even to bring into reality).  
It is to be done step by step :
First Step : Know oneself (through Aptitude, IQ and EQ tests), recognise one’s strengths and non-strengths. Second Step : Chalk out one’s educational plan based on strengths. Third Step : Plan the professional career on that educational background. Fourth Step : Achiving excellence and creativity in that chosen field of life. Thus, “to make an effort to know what national issues are faced in one’s chosen educational and professional field, to study them and use the educational and professional skills of one’s personality to solve such issues faced by the country" is what Chanakya Mandal Pariwar defines ‘Patriotism’ as. Now, in the present day situation, ‘patriotism’ does not mean anything artificial but i t means – bei ng excel l ent, creati ve, effi ci ent and professional in your field. We are trying to raise an army of such patriots and the Foundation Course is aimed at this.
Now-a-days, there is increasing awareness regarding Human Resource Development everywhere. Because everywhere there is a huge and increasing demand for human wealth full of great skills and values. Many people in the country are in great doubt regarding transgression by multinational companies. If the nature of the world today, the fast-changing economy, tremendous scientific and technological advancement etc. is taken into consideration, the world becoming smaller and coming closer is unavoidable. So now, instead of worrying about it and being in doubt, we must prepare to win over the world with our creativity, talent, excellence and self-confidence.