Social Activities

Not a Class -
At Chanakya Mandal Pariwar we emphasize time and again that we are not a commercial coaching class. We are a social movement aimed at reforming and advancing Indian society, along patriotic lines through the medium of education.
It is true that training for UPSC/MPSC Civil Services Examination is given at Chanakya. But for us that is only a means to an end. Our aim is to create “Karyakarta Adhikaris" who will serve the people selflessly once in Service.
However, we emphasize that joining the Government Services is not the only way to serve our nation. Following principles of life taught at Chanakya (i.e Being excellent and creative in one’s chosen walk of life) is also serving the nation. Then that may be the public or private sectors, it may be within India or even abroad. That doesn’t matter.
However, any servant of this nation need to know the nation, its people and the problems they face. For this purpose Chanakya goes beyond book learning and organizes various social events and study tours for the students.
Take a look at some of our social activities -