The Name & Logo

Name - Why 'Chanakya'?

Why “Chanakya"?

Arya Chanakya : Perhaps the pioneering prime ‘bureaucrat’- scholar. The thinker who realised the dangers of foreign invasion. He tried to awaken a corrupt exploitative, anti -people and inefficient regime. When the powerdrunk corrupt regime refused to wake up, he sacrificed his career, went into wilderness – organised and inspired the young generation from commonest of the common strata of society. He effected the political revolution which unified India and repulsed foreign invasion. Having achieved all this he renounced all positions of power and wrote the eternal treatise ‘Artha Shastra’. Chanakya is the name of the classic Indian role model of doing anything and everything for the country – the cosmos and nothing for the narrow self. To celebrate and develop this spirit in the modern sense, we choose to name our educational work as Chanakya Mandal. The word ‘ Mandal’ indicates a circle – a bond of equality. It suggests the idea of individuals, institutions, organisations working hand in hand towards common goal. Hence, Chanakya Mandal. And here, we come together with an intensely close family relationship and hence, ‘Pariwar’.

The Logo

Set in safron, the representative colour of the Indian heritage, the colour of saint poets and also the colour of warriors and crusaders. This logo consists of hands, holding pen in one hand and  (Dharmadanda / Rajdanda) in the other hand – the mast of ‘Dharma’ (Duty-consciousness) and the mast of administration, discipline and equality of justice and ethics of administration. The hand is of a woman and also of a man.