Concept of res judicata - Chanakya Mandal Pariwar

Concept of res judicata


  • The Madras High Court, in a recent development, has dismissed a petition by invoking the principle of res judicata, which essentially means that the matter in question has already been adjudicated upon and cannot be raised again in a court of law.


  • Res judicata is a legal principle that has its origins in the English Common Law System.
  • The term ‘res judicata’ literally translates to ‘the thing has been judged’.
  • The principle of res judicata comes into play when a person attempts to file a subsequent lawsuit on the same matter after having received a judgment in a previous case involving the same parties.
  • This principle applies to both civil and criminal legal systems, and prevents the courts from allowing a petition to be filed on the same issue before them.
  • The purpose of res judicata is to prevent injustice to the parties involved in a case, and to avoid wasting resources and time of the judicial system on matters that have already been decided.