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To Develop Youth with Global Consciousness and Competence

Philosophy of ‘Advait’ (One-ness of existence) and Buddha should be India’s greatest contribution to human civilization to the emerging one world. Chanakya Mandal is among the first of the people to think of the world as one family (वसुधैव कुटुंबकम्) and the world from all seas to all lands as one ‘nation’ (पृथिव्यै समुद्रपर्यंताया: एकराट् इति). Adya Shankaracharya said, ‘स्वदेशोभुवनत्रयः’ – all three worlds are my own country.) Sant Dnyaneshwara said, ‘अवघे विश्वचि माझे घर’ – the whole world is my home.

This consciousness of ‘oneness of existence is the essence of ‘Indian’- ness. In these modern times of emerging one world, India’s innate global consciousness has to be tempered with global competence.

The last decade of the last century saw momentous changes. The collapse of the USSR, the end of communism as an ideological rival to capitalism, the emergence of the USA as the only world superpower and China closed on the heels (at present albeit.) The world becoming one market – one economy – thanks to the Dunkel draft, GATT and WTO. The world also becoming one ‘global village’ through information technology, emerging frontiers in science and technology – genetics, photonics, ecology, etc. Both: challenges and opportunities before the world and India are unique and unprecedented. They call for fundamental and creative approaches to polity, economy, art, society, law and order, human resource development – everything. This is where we believe our innate global consciousness should develop global competence. The youth of our country, therefore, need to be made aware of, and competent to handle – competition at two levels

  • one’s competition with oneself – to continually go on becoming better and better, throughout one’s life: till the point of self-realization – the realization of ‘oneness with existence
  • perhaps more – or at least equally importantly, at the practical level – one’s competition with the best of the brains in the world, best of the American, German, Japanese, Chinese, South-east Asian… brains.

The youth of our country should be charged with the passion to excel in one’s own chosen walk of life – to conquer the world, inner and outer both, through excellence and creativity by following the path of ‘self-realization’.

That is the reason why Chanakya Mandal Pariwar exists :

  • These are our mission statements.
  • ‘To develop youth with global consciousness and competence.’
  • ‘To develop professionals with national character.’

To Develop Professionals with National Character.

A mission statement of an institution is the description of its life-work in one sentence. That single statement contains the soul of the institution. And however idealistic (childish), impractical etc. it may sound, the mission statement should be made absolutely clear. This helps all the concerned parties like colleagues, activists, students, citizens etc. to clearly understand the work. Everyone should assess oneself and one’s actions in the light of the mission statement.

Another mission statement of Chanakya Mandal Pariwar:-

“To develop professionals with a national character”

Awareness of the Indian culture, history, national integration, social consciousness, equality, and development; readiness to act and sensitivity to basic human values together go into the making of a national character.

Professionalism means excellent management and planning, accountability, honest accounting, doing the work in hand well and creatively, constant up-gradation of one’s expertise in the chosen field, contributing to the field through one’s work and experience and, last but not the least, is responsible for the results of the project in hand.

Today, those who profess to embrace the values of professionalism generally proclaim that they have nothing to do with the national character. They say: “Don’t tell us about fads like the country, change, and development. It works for the sake of work for us.”

In a similar fashion, those who talk of a national character are equally unconcerned about the values of professionalism. They feel that it is enough to speak eloquently about culture, character, change, and development.

The truth is, only national character or only professionalism is not enough. They both are needed. Each is incomplete without the other. Professionalism without a national character is dangerous. And national character without professionalism is useless. There must be oneness (Advaita) between the two. Professionalism must mandatorily be an integral part of the national character in modern times. Being an expert professional should be an all-important part of a national character and national character should be a vital component of professionalism.

Oneness in this sense is necessary.

Chanakya Mandal Pariwar aims at such an educational design. That is why its mission statements are:


“To Develop Youth with Global Consciousness and Competence…”
“To develop professionals with a national character”.
Chanakya Mandal Pariwar