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What is This?

Normally, this title could be ˜Rules of Discipline”. But these words sound harsh, imposed from above or outside. Chanakya Mandal Pariwar does not believe in such an imposition. Normally the word ‘compulsory doesn’t exist in Chanakya Mandal Pariwar dictionary. Once you become a Sadhaka’s and a family member you are supposed to participate fully and spontaneously. Voluntary participation does not mean erratic, moody, irresponsible and erratic attendance. On the other hand, discipline does not mean harsh, forced imposition. We believe, discipline should come from within.

Here are some – not all – Principles of Participation :

UPSC Coaching Institute in Pune

1)Once you take admission at Chanakya Mandal Pariwar, you are expected to be punctual. Being punctual means being present at the place of activity 5 minutes before scheduled time, and being present with your notebook and pen and any assignment, should there be one,

2)You are supposed to take prior, written permission of your course coordinator as and when you want to remain absent. In exceptional situation post facto permission may be entertained.

3) Repeated failure to be punctual, to complete assignments, or seek prior leave of absence, noisy, undisciplined, unruly behavior could make you liable to be terminated along with forfeiture of Sincerity Deposit.

4) Sincerity Deposit: All courses and activities at Chanakya Mandal Pariwar would have a certain deposit, refundable by cheque 30 days after successful completion of the course by a student. Too much absence or leaving the course halfway through may result in forfeiture of the deposit.

5) About Fees: No student is ever denied admission to Chanakya Mandal Pariwar on account of inability to pay fees. Any genuine, needy, but sincere and hardworking student with any problem with respect to fees should approach the officer in charge. However, those with the ability to pay fees are supposed to pay full fees at the start of the course. No request for a refund can be entertained.

6) Library and Study : Library and Study: We have a library consisting of carefully selected important books. We also have a 24 hours Study-Room. Both these facilities are available on all seven days a week. You are welcome to enjoy these facilities. No extra fees or deposit is charged for these facilities in your course duration.

7) Swadhyaya and Yoga are the most fundamental principles of education at Chanakya Mandal Pariwar. Days of spoon-feeding are over. We require learning to learn on our own. In this fast-changing world, we can only build a successful personality, careers (and life) by following the path of Ambien pills.

8) Feel at home at Chanakya Mandal Pariwar. Be happy, playful. Work hard and harder and be successful. Chanakya Mandal Pariwar is our place. Let us all keep it clean, friendly, peaceful and happy.

9) Students should ask all questions during classes freely, but without transgressing the limits of decency.

10) If you have any difficulties, doubts or suggestions, meet the course coordinator.

11) Each student will get a Chanakya Mandal Pariwar I-card on admission. It should necessarily be produced on demand any day, any time in the Chanakya Mandal Pariwar premises.

12) Nobody is perfect or error-free.

Everybody makes mistakes. As long as mistakes are not committed with the deliberate intention of harassing and harming others, no serious note will be taken of the mischiefs. In fact, in order that students to improve upon themselves continuously, they will be allowed to experiment, commit mistakes and correct and improve themselves by learning from the mistake. They are welcome to do that. The student must be honest enough to admit his mistake and accept the challenge of correcting himself. But they must commit a new mistake each time (!) must not repeat earlier mistakes.  Such students will be given a warning and a chance to reform themselves. If they fail, the authorities of Chanakya Mandal Pariwar Upsc Coaching Center, reserve the authority to rusticate them