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Competitive Talent Search(CTS) Scholarship


Chanakya Mandal Pariwar conducts the ‘Competitive Talent Search Examination’ so that the competence of Indian youth reaches a global level. In the recent age of competition one has to go through various competitive exams like GRE, TOEFEL, IIT & MBA entrance, CET, NET-SET, UPSC, MPSC for education and job. Also, various exams have to be given in fields like Defence and Banking. Some components of these exams are common. The purpose behind CTS is to test the capacity and aptitude of students for such various competitive exams.

For these examinations fill the original form here inside the prospectus in detail and send it along with the DD for fees and essential documents to the office within the time limit. Do not send the cheques. Hall tickets will be sent to the candidates prior to the examination.

The Candidate Can Appear For The Examination Only Two Times For Any Age Group.

Scholariship is awarded in 2 age groups

Scholarship for younger age group (15 to 20) :

  • Year-long Foundation Course or Preparatory Course free of cost (any batch in the next 2 years).
  • Rs. 1000 cash.
  • Certificate

Scholarship for adult age group (21 to 26) :

  • Year-long UPSC or MPSC Comprehensive Course free of cost (any batch in the next 2 years).
  • Rs. 1000 cash.
  • Certificate

In our Delhi Center , this year we are starting Competitive Talent Search (CTS) Scholarship 2019- 2020

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