Student's Corner - Liberary - Chanakya Mandal Pariwar

There are two main sections of out Library :

  • General and competitive exam section;
  • Special section
Section 1 comprises of various books on subjects of study, text-books, encyclopedia, newspapers, periodicals etc. Books, guides, question sets, notes, etc. necessary for exam-oriented preparation of competitive exams, can also be found in this section. While
Section 2 comprises of Shri. Dharmadhikari Sir’s personal rich collection of books. Many seniors have donated their collection of books to Chanakya Mandal Pariwar. This is also kept here. This is wealth collected by very careful selection. Those who have a persuit of knowledge by going beyound exam-oriented study may like this section. You may find a fundamental collection of books on History, Polity, Economy, Philosophy, Science, English – Marathi Literature, national issues, spirituality, etc here.
(Few selected books from both sections will not be issued for home lending, you may read these sitting in the library.)

Rules of Participation

  • The study room and the library are mutually exclusive at Chanakya Mandal Pariwar. Fees for Library are charged separately.
  • Library timings : Monday, Wednesday, Friday – 7.30 am to 8.30 pm Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday – 10.00 am to 6.00 pm
  • Fees once paid will not be refunded for any reason. It is non-transferable either.
  • Sincerity Deposit is same as the Library Deposit, currently Rs. 3000, is refundable by cheque after the end of membership. Refund will be given only after handing over the original deposit receipt to the authorities.
  • Deposit will not be refunded in case of loss or damages of books or violation of any library discipline rules. Besides, fine may also be charged, on late return of book, currently Rs. 10 per day will be charged.
  • Books which are not issued for home-lending can be read in the Library itself but only by Library members.
  • We make available the facility to watch news bulletins on various channels and certain selected important programmes at specific timings on a T.V. set in the library. This facility is available free of cost. No extra fees are charged.
  • Only one book will be issued on one card. Loss of card should be reported to the Librarian immediately in writing.
  • If a book has been taken on somebody else’s card, the card holder will be held responsible for the book.
  • In case of loss of a book, the member will have to buy the book from the market and replace it. If a particular book is not available in the market, then in such cases the member will have to pay an amount of penalty as levied by the librarian.
  • The reader will have to pay a penalty told by the librarian in case he/she damages the book. If beyond repair, the book will have to be replaced by the reader.
  • Each one is expected to leave their belongings in the rack outside while entering the Library.
mpsc and upsc classes Institute Library
mpsc and upsc classes Institute Library