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Online Course UPSC / MPSC  Information

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Introduction to UPSC/MPSC Online Course – :

1) For MPSC Comprehensive Course ( One Year Course) -:
1 . बातम्या आणि विश्लेषण -: For more Information
वृत्तपत्रांच्या बातम्यांचे विश्लेषण, इतिहास, आणि आभ्यासक्रमाशी संदर्भ मिळवा.

2. सराव संच -: For more Information
20 हजाराहून जास्ती प्रश्नांचा विषयानुसार संच

3. कट्टा -:
आपल्या सहकारी विद्यार्थ्यांबरोबर संवाद साधुन शंका निराकरण आणि प्रश्नांची उत्तरे मिळवा.

4. सराव परीक्षा -: For more Information
वैशिष्ट्ये: प्रत्येक प्रश्नाला लागणारा वेळ, विषयानुसार चूक व बरोबर उत्तरांचे विश्लेषण व मार्गदर्शन

5. बुलेटिन बोर्ड -: For more Information
सर्व इतर स्पर्धा परीक्षांची माहिती आणि वेळापत्रक मिळेल

6. नोटस् व त्यांचा सारांश -: For more Information
चाणक्यच्या सराव परीक्षांच्या नोटस् आणि त्यांचा सारांश डाउनलोड करण्यायोग्य स्वरूपात मिळेल

7. तज्ज्ञांचे व्हिडिओ -: For more Information

चाणक्यच्या तज्ञांचे अभ्यासक्रमाचे 2000+ व्हिडिओ.

FOR UPSC Comprehensive Course ( One Year Course) -:

1. News and Current Affairs -: For more Information
Trace timeline, opinion and understand the context of today’s news

2. Question Bank -: For more Information
Solve more than 20 thousand plus questions.

3. Forums -:
Interact with your fellow aspirants, solve doubts and answer queries.

4. Mock Tests-: For more Information
Get in-depth analysis on your tests; time consumed per question, identifying strengths and weaknesses as well as the scope of improvement.

5. Bulletin Board -: For more Information
Track timetable and schedule of every civil service exam.

6. Instant Feedback -:
Get an instant evaluation for your mains answer.

7. Expert Videos -: For more Information
Learn from ex IAS officers and subject matter experts with 2000+ videos.

8. Summarized Notes -: For more Information
Get a summary of classroom notes with downloadable PDF format.


We are India’s first education portal powered by Artificial Intelligence. Our goal is to provide & prepare our aspiring students with a comprehensive portal for civil service examinations.

Get Instant Feedback on your Descriptive Answer. Get immediate feedback on the points you covered and the points you missed in your answer.

Understand your strengths and weaknesses. Get an in-depth analysis of your strengths and weaknesses and solve them from more than 40 thousand questions.

Find connections of current affairs with concepts. Get a summary of current affairs with timeline, opinions and syllabus concepts associated with the news.

Available Courses:-

Comprehensive Courses

All features

1. UPSC Full Course [ GS Special + Capsule Course + Test Series included ]

2. MPSC Full Course [ GS Special Course + Test Series included ]

3. COMBO (UPSC + MPSC) Full Course [ GS Special + Capsule Course + Test Series included ]
GS Special Courses By Avinash Dharmadhikari Sir

Expert Video lectures

1. GS Special Video Course in English 40 GS Special English Lectures
2. GS Special Video Course in Marathi 35 GS Special Marathi Lectures
3. GS Special Video Course Combo(English + Marathi) All GS Special English & Marathi Lectures

Test Series

1. UPSC Test Series 2019 (Coming soon)
2. MPSC Test Series 2019 (Registration Open)
3. Combo (UPSC + MPSC) Test Series 2019 (Coming soon)

Capsule Course Video Course

This course will give you an overview of the subject over a series of 10 lectures by our very own students.

Pooja Ranawat AIR-258, 2018 and Bhavesh Sharma AIR- 502, 2018
1. GS IV: Ethics, integrity & Aptitude (Special Lectures in English )
2. Modern Indian History (Special Lectures in English )</strong