Karyakarta Adhikari

The students of Chanakya Mandal Pariwar join the services after achieving success in the competitive exams to live the moments from the verse “जरी एक अश्रू पुसायास आला, तरी जन्म काहीच कामास आला” (if we can wipe a single tear, from a single weeping eye, then only life has a true meaning) which they recite every day in the prayer during their courses. These officers work in the services as ‘karyakarta’ – volunteers of this nation who derive salary from people on the first day of every month and they ultimately hold themselves accountable to common people. We call them to be ‘Karyakarta Adhikaris’. The one whose heart can cover the entire country as his nation then no matter which cadre he/she gets, no matter which service he/she gets, the officer who dedicates himself/herself to be ‘clean and efficient’ in one’s duty is
called ‘Karyakarta Adhikari’ at Chanakya Mandal Pariwar.

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