Pune, Mumbai, Ch. Sambhajinagar


Karyakarta Adhikari

We started our conversation with a solution to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Now we have to understand how to study, how to read, how to prepare notes from books and lectures, how to find solutions of doubts, how to solve objective type and multiple choice questions of the prelims, how to prepare for CSAT, Later, how to write analytical answers for the main exam (except essay) and to top it all how to appear for the interview which is a test of your personality in front of a panel of five members. Best MPSC classes pune.

Moreover, what is important to understand at the outset, how to cultivate your mind to become an ideal officer, ‘Karyakarta officer’ working for social welfare. An ideal or a Karyakarta officer means two simple words: clean and efficient officer.

Many other attributes can be discussed like one who keeps his words, be accountable not only to his seniors and political representative but also to the people, does not follow the practices of caste discrimination, social disparity, does not accept or give dowry, understand equality of women in society, and respects them.

Realizes that his seat of power is not for selfish motives but for giving justice to the common man, does not have the arrogance of being an authority, on the contrary, is modest, does not expect anything more than the monthly salary including T.A., D.A., perks etc.

And not just that, but is able to refuse politely the voluntary offers made to him, does not fear transfers and pressure, is not hot-tempered but is studious, patient, balanced, quiet, diligent


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