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UPSC Optional

UPSC Optional
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Sadashiv Peth ,Pune
15 Aug 2020

How to study optional?

How to Choose Optional Subject?

The selection of a proper and better optional subject for the Civil Service Exam is a difficult problem for the aspirants of Civil Service in the present competitive scenario. It could be decided only on the basis of proper information regarding the subject.

You can follow the methodology given below for selecting your optional subject :

Step 1: Go through the list of all 26 optional subjects. The list is mentioned in UPSC notification.
Step 2: Shortlist at least 3-4 optional subjects which you feel like opting.
Step 3: You can think about your degree subject as an optional subject or any other subject you find interesting.
Step 4: Read one good basic book of a shortlisted optional subject.
Step 5: Finalise your optional subject on the basis of what you like and what you understand.