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Need A Plan-B? Try YCMOU!

The syllabus for competitive examinations is huge and requires full-time effort. That is why many students often take a gap from their education to pursue competitive examinations. This sometimes has unexpected negative consequences for the overall career prospects of the student.

Create a “Win-Win” Situation

We, Chanakya Mandal, believe encourage students to always have a Plan-B for their career-ready. This creates a win-win situation so that even if (god forbid) a student does not clear the competitive examination he/ she still has a chance to earn a decent living. Dharmadhikari sir always encourages the students to continue their education up to obtaining a PhD. It is because of this belief that we offer YCMOU courses to students.

Advantages of YCMOU

  • Continue your higher education even as you prepare for UPSC/ MPSC Competitive examinations.
  • Study at your own pace, the timetable of YCMOU is flexible so that you can manage your time at your convenience.
  • Get a UGC recognized degree in the process of studying for UPSC/MPSC.


3 Years
English & Marathi
3 Years
B.A.MCJ (Mass Communication in Journalism)
3 Years
Diploma in Mass Communication in Journalism
1 Year
Preparatory (Pre- Graduation course)
English & Marathi
6 Months
M.B.A. (Finance, HR, Marketing)
2 Years

Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University is established in 1989 by an Act of Maharashtra State Legislature, as the fifth Open University in     India. All courses have essential recognition at the national and international levels. The main aim of the YCMOU is to become a Mass Varsity and to make available to the common man, to offer educational programmes that are of practical use in day-to-day life and those that provide better prospects for the future. Chanakya Mandal Pariwar is the centre for many graduate and post-graduate courses of YCMOU. Here at Chanakya Mandal Pariwar we have UGC’s recognized courses such as B.A.; B.Com; Diploma in MCJ; B.A. in MCJ and MBA. Presently the courses are offered in Marathi and English medium as per their availability. Also, the regular classes are offered to you with essential study material at Chanakya Mandal Pariwar.

Special Features

1. Education by self-study

2. Study material provided for all

3. Separate prospectus for every

4. No semester

5. Contact session per

6. Pre Graduation course e. Preparatory Course: To enrol for Diploma/UG Courses without completing 10th or 12th.

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Contact on :- 8308837034


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